Cordova Loft  
This page was last updated: July 16, 2024
John H. Cordova, 
273 Hole N Rock
Central, Utah 84722
E-mail [email protected]

Ph: 435-767-8556

2 x 600 1ST each  time "DAY BIRD"
          1ST Place Triple Crown 
 400-500-600 Mile Great Salt Lake Combine
                                                       "Clyde" clocked "in-the- diplomas" as a young bird. He clocked better as the races got longer - excellent for one-loft races!   

Do the crosses of "DISTANCE" on "SPEED" work?  -- check out "The Good Van Loon" (on the left) as she was crossed on an Imbrecht and a Devriendt - magic wins!                   

 Already first race reports are coming in;

direct daughter off Bonnie and Clyde was 1st in a trainer in the big Hoosier race with 
4600+ birds! -- 

A grandson of  "Hirogen" was 13 minutes ahead of the flock in the big Royal Cup race --truly outstanding performances!!
"Bonnie" and "Clyde" dropped together in 2018 & 2019 wnning  e-1st place 600 miles on-the-day!
These two birds are presently mated (7/16//2024)
                                     CAN DISTANCE BIRDS WIN   FAST YB RACES?

                                                      MINE CAN!

                           2 RACES 2 FIRSTS!   --  2024 season

        Results of the 1st and 2nd money YB races off:
                           "Bonnie and Clyde":

1st: Gator Classic: 200 mi. 1st Drop! 3rd in trap!
                             DIRECT YOUNG!

2nd Gator Classic 250- mi 1st Drop 3rd in trap!
                           1700 AND 1800 YPM!