Cordova Loft  
This page was last updated: January 25, 2020
John H. Cordova, 
273 Hole N Rock
Central, Utah 84722

Ph: 435-767-8556

I flew the "Sions" in in 1958! Although an old strain the good ones were beautiful and won most of the long distance races. 

This mating will have "speed" with the ability to come home in difficult races -- perfect for the one-loft-races.
The "4058 Mattens" is one of the toughest racing pigeons to ever flap a wing! 
True "IRON" pigeons  --  350 Mile yb specialists
These birds will return when the others do not.
On tough/smash races/tosses they come and come and come!   
"1315" was an outstanding distance flyer and is an excellent breeder.

Two years ago she bred 1st AU "YOUTH' race and a free trip to Chicago!

She is presently mate to a beautiful all-white off the "Splash" (below) X the "Marshmellow ", Most are white splashes and will go the distance.